Friday, 3 September 2010

Arriving in Costa Rica !!

So after a boring 22 hour journey on a plane with no TV I have arrived in paradise !!! Very hot, sweaty and a little rainy, but amazing! Aviarios is beautiful, surrounded by jungle and FULL of Sloths. Pictures and videos just don't do Sloths justice, they are without doubt the cutest, strangest and definatley my new favorite animal on the planet! I held my first baby yesterday and if you ignore the pain of its little claws digging into your neck as it clings on, it's impossible not fall in love and want to keep it forever !! I am here at the mo with Rory (my supervisor), Gwee (his daughter) and her friend Gwen! They are all lovely and very funny !! I havn't met Judy and Luis who run the sanctuary yet but they arrive here on monday so can't wait to meet them!
Went into the local town (Cahuita) for the first time last night and had a look around. There isn't much there but it's very traditional and very pretty! Went for a meal and ate my body weight in steak. Also were also told to try Ceviche which turned out to be the local sushi and was actually nice, didnt taste of raw fish at all. Probably because it was soaked in lime juice! Unfortunatley we were stopped by 'grumpy features' on the way back (a very grumpy policeman) and shouted at for not having our passports - apparantley you have to always carry them round here!!
Research started today and is going well so far ! At the moment we are doing simple observations on exactly what the Sloths are doing... which surprisingly is sleeping ! Although it is a little more complicated because we are recording the exact positions of all the limbs etc and trying to record respiration rate by watching their noses !! But all is going well and I am looking forward to an afternoon of Sloth watching !! And also looking out for the local crocodile that is chilling in the river behind me !
I will update more soon and hopefully add some pictures when i get round to taking some! Lots of love xxx


  1. I am now uber excited for May. Hurry up May! Me and Dad were just thinking that if Warrington get to the Grand Final will you be able to name a baby sloth after the first try scorer? Just imagine Solly the Sloth! Amazing!