Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Meet the sloths

So any avid sloth fans out there will most likely have seen this video made a couple of years ago by Lucy Cook...

And then more recently...

I particularly enjoy the clip of Ubu rolling down the hill in that one! Anyway if you have read some of my older posts, you will know about Lucy Cook having been back at the sanctuary filming a full length documentary on the sloths for Animal Planet. This aired in the US just before Christmas and turned out to be a huge success - who knew there were so many closet sloth fans out there!! Now the date for the UK release has been set, so be sure to tune in on the 4th March and let us know what you think!!! Here are some clips from the US version to tickle your fancy -


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Update from Manchester

So after unexpectedly discovering just how popular this blog has been, I have decided to keep it going from here in Manchester with the latest sloth-related goings on - of which there are surprisingly plenty! The first draft of the research paper I produced from the project last year is now finished and being edited, so I will be sure to post news of it's publishing on here when it comes around. Now I obviously won't be able to keep up to date with all the individual sloth stories from the sanctuary, but I am heading back out there next week for a flying visit so I will be sure to collect all the tales while I am there and also snap some photos - so keep your eyes peeled!

Can't wait to be back doing this: