Saturday, 18 February 2012

A flying visit

Suffering massively from sloth withdrawals since being back in Manchester, I decided to make a flying visit back to the sanctuary! I could only squeeze in a quick 5 day visit but it was worth every second, and now I am back with a whole bunch of sloth sanctuary updates for you all!
First up, this little guy:

It's Luigi !! He first arrived last summer and has grown so much now, although he is still a bombshell and can't be separated from his favorite stuffed dog! He now also has a new friendship blossoming with one of the new babies who arrived just after Christmas - baby Becca (obviously the best named sloth in the world...) Here she is in all her glory:

Separated at birth, clearly...

And to top off all the great things that have been happening - The ball has started rolling with the plans for my PhD !!! This will be back out at the sanctuary and will involve 3 years chasing wild sloths around the jungle, trying to figure out all the secrets behind their mysterious lives up there in the rainforest canopy! For now we are drafting out the plans and searching out the all important funding !!!!

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