Thursday, 21 July 2011


Ok so believe it or not ... this is my second post within a week !!! And like promised, I am delivering some photo's of the newbie babies etc. And also unfortunately delivering some more sad news - Sebastian (twin baby boy) sadly passed away this week. Violet and Sebastian were twins born at the sanctuary in the new year, and were a huge surprise for everyone! Now Violet is getting lots of love and cuddles to keep her from getting lonely without her other half. Anyway, here are a couple of snaps I have managed to take -

Puggles the Mexican, hairy, dwarf, prehensile tailed, tree porcupine:



New baby Luigi:

Mateo taking a snooze on a shoulder:

Poco and Shiloh (they aren't new - but just because they are uber-cute) :

Cory is getting big these days:

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